Take a tour of the Brazilian main cities and choose the best destination for your travel.

Rio de Janeiro
The city is famous for tourist beaches Copacabana and Ipanema, for the giant statue of Jesus (“Cristo Redentor”) on the Corcovado mountain, and for its Carnival celebration.

Salvador is an important tourism destination, especially the Pelourinho or old town and the beaches. It is famous for the street carnival, creative artists, and the happiness of its people.

Sao Paulo
Concerts, plays, film festivals, fashion shows, and international sports events, São Paulo disputes with Rio de Janeiro the title of Brazil’s capital of culture and sports.

A complete infrastructure, three thousand hours of sun per year and the constant ocean breeze gives the full dimension of this paradise.

Called the “Venice of Brazil” because it is dissected by numerous waterways and connected by many bridges. Recife has rich folklore, including typical dances, food, paintings, and sculpture.

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