Transports in João Pessoa

Unlike some cities in Brazil, exploring João Pessoa is relatively easier and tourist-friendly. It has a public transportation system that takes visitors around the city quickly and conveniently.

There are about 500 buses in the city; most of which will take tourists throughout the town and/or make connections to other neighboring towns in just a single passenger ticket. The city’s major terminal, Terminal de Integração do Varadouro, is where passengers can transfer from one bus to another. And to better serve its people – including its tourists – João Pessoa implements an electronic system in its ticketing. Bus fair goes around R$1.80, which is about $ 0.80 US Dollars.

Taxis are also present in João Pessoa to provide tourists a more convenient means of checking out the city. Most cab drivers are warm and friendly enough to negotiate with you for long and extended trips.

Aside from buses and cabs, the city also has a railway system that provides services for inter-city commuting. Thus, those who are coming from João Pessoa’s metropolitan area can take it to reach the capital’s northern and western areas.

There are a lot of things that await tourists in João Pessoa. Knowing the various means to get around the city would be a huge help to make the most of your vacation.