Tourist information about Olinda

Tourist information about Olinda

Olinda is famous for its historical and cultural features throughout Brazil, and even in the world. But aside from these, there is more that a tourist should learn about the city before heading there for a visit.


Here are some of them:


The Basics


A World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO, Olinda, which was founded in 1535, has a total population of over 3million people in its metropolitan area. Its municipality measures 43.55 square kilometres in land area and 2,768 square kilometres in the metro. The climate is hot tropical and humid, which makes it ideal for a relaxing trip.




Olinda is a mid-sized Brazilian city. Compared to its neighbour city, Recife, Olinda is almost ten times smaller in terms of its economy. Its industrial sector is slowly losing importance, thus slowing its annual income as well.


But while Olinda’s industrial sector weakens each year, the city’s services sector, tourism in particular, continues to grow strong each year. In fact, Pernambuco’s second largest shopping center is situated in the city.


The Language


The city’s main language is Portuguese. Thus, it would be wise to learn a bit of the language while exploring its top attractions and mingling with the locals. Tourists will make their stay in the city easier and more enjoyable if they can make little conversations in Portuguese.