Aracaju Nightlife

Aracaju nightlife may not be as busy as other Brazilian capitals like Sao Paolo and Rio. However, this Sergipe capital has its own charm that will leave tourists to spell bound at nights. The city’s seaside strips are filled with lights that allow you to enjoy the boardwalk and the sights of the ocean fronting some of its restaurants.

One of the hottest night spots in Aracaju is Orla do Atalaia or the Atalaia Boardwalk. The area has varied bars and pubs that keep tourists and locals alike active throughout the night. If you are up for a relaxing vibe in Aracaju, then this is where you should be.

Other famous places in Aracaju at night include Passarela do Caranguejo, Chopp 13, and Live.

Passarela do Caranguejo

Referring to “Crab Walkway” in English, the restaurant is what its name stands for. But aside from being just among the many seafood restaurants in the city, Passarela do Caranguejo also boasts of a bar that overflows with good drinks and lives music – ranging from reggae to rock.

Chopp 13

Known as a rendezvous before a wild night in Aracaju, Chopp 13 is located at Avenida Beira Mar. It offers a cozy ambiance that is perfect for a beer or two before setting off to some of the city’s wilder nightclubs.


A certified spot for wild parties, Live is situated just across Orla de Atalaia. The nightclub features an area specially designated for its outdoor bar. There you can enjoy a good drink while dancing your heart’s out to the beat of the music spun by its DJs.

Aracaju nightlife may not be as famous as in some cities in Brazil, however, its own offerings are enough to keep you entertained in the city at night.