Transports in Foz do Iguazu

The city of Foz do Iguazu is linked by BR-277 to the east, then by the Friendship Bridge from Paranaguá to Ciudad del Este. It has one international airport called the Foz do Iguaçu International Airport, which, in 2003 served an average of 600,000 passengers.


Foz do Iguazu does not have its own network of public transport. So on its behalf, four bus companies which are privately owned were given the license to provide transportation services. It is the city’s municipality though who still set the bus fares. And in 2003, the city spearheaded a standard bus fare for areas within the city and constructed a hub that’s close to the city center.


Buses are the recognized public transports in Foz do Iguazu, but every day, several vans also provide people with informal transport services. Although this gives people an option on what to take in getting around the city, these vans contribute to the city’s worsening traffic problems, especially in the Friendship Bridge

Brazil Avenue

Since the city was founded, Avenida Brasil or Brazil Avenue was already Foz do Iguazu’s main road. Prior to that, the street was just used as a location for the military headquarters. Nowadays, it grew to be an active place, with several retail stores surrounding it. Without a bus route, the avenue is intended for private vehicles.