People from Curitiba

Curitiba has a total population of 3.2 million inhabitants. Comprising of natives and immigrants, Curitibanos have varied origins and culture. This, however, did not impede these unique individuals from living in harmony and vigor with each other. No wonder why a number of famous personalities in different fields came from this capital city. Among these are the following:


In the field of arts, writer Dalton Trevisan; stage, television, and film actress Fernanda Machado; actor and director Guilherme Weber; urbanist and architect Jaime Leber; and supermodel Isabeli Fontana are just some of the famous Curitibanos.


Star athletes who came from the city include Alexandro de Suaza in football; Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Murilo Rua, and Christiane Santos in the field of mixed martial arts; motor champions Raul Boesel and Ricardo Zonta; and volleyball Olympic gold medalist, Emanuel Rego.


Among the famous people in the field of science coming from Curitiba are physicist César Lattes, mathematician Newton da Costa, and scientist Ned Kock. The city is also known to have the highest literacy rate with universities considered to be among the best in the state and throughout Brazil.

These people are just manifestation of how diverse the Cubanos are. You’ll find out more about their unique personalities when you get to know them during your visit to the city.