Itineraries Manaus

There are various points of interest outside of Manaus. It is best to travel to these locations while you are already in Manaus. In this way, you will not only get to experience the beauty of the capital city of Amazonas but also get to experience the wonderful attractions that are surrounding it.

Presidente Figueiredo

This is a city in the Manaus region. From the city of Manaus, you can get to Presidente Figueiredo by boat which is 105km away from Manaus. There are several options for you to go to Presidente Figueiredo. There are six spots where you can go to access to this city. These are Balneario Barreto, Santa Barbara, Santa Lucia, Panorama, Balneario Agua Viva and Uirapuru.

In Presidente Figueiredo, you can visit caves, grottos, and waterfalls. Among the caves, you can go to are Cave Shelter of the Maroaga, Iracema, and Arara. The waterfalls in Presidente Figueiredo that you can visit are Cachoeira dos Lages, Cachoeira da Pedra Lascada, Cachoeira de Iracema, Cachoeira das Araras, Cachoeira da Suframa, and Cachoeira do Santuario. Most of these waterfalls you need to access by walking to the forest.

São Gabriel da Cachoeira

This is located 850km away from Manaus, on the left side of the Negro River. You can get to this place either by plane or by boat. By plane, it would take only two hours to get to São Gabriel da Cachoeira. Travel by boat, on the other hand, will take you four days.

While in São Gabriel da Cachoeira you can visit the Pico da Neblina National Park, which is the second biggest park in Brazil. You can also go to the Morro da Fortaleza where you can see Anta stone which is their main attraction. Another thing to experience in this city is the Indigenous Villages which still follow primitive traditions.

If you would like to climb the tallest mountain in Brazil, the Pico da Neblina, then you surely have to go to this city.

Jaú National Park

The Parque Nacional do Jaú or Jaú National Park is a world heritage site located in the Amazonas. Here you can see a variety of plant and animal species. To get around the park, you will need to use canoes or motorboats. And sometimes when the water level is very low, you won’t be able to navigate to all sides of the river except if you will use boats that are very light.