Study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Although there are high schools that include Spanish and English in their curriculum, the main language taught in most Rio de Janeiro schools is the Portuguese language. For foreign students, the city also has international schools (i.e. Our Lady of Mercy School, American School of Rio de Janeiro, Corcovado German School, British School of Rio de Janeiro, and the Lycée Français) to cater to a particular group of students.


Rio de Janeiro Universities


As certified by the Ministry of Education, Rio de Janeiro has a total of 99 certified upper-learning institutions; some of which are even famed throughout the world for its quality education such as the Rio de Janeiro State University.


One of the city’s largest universities, Rio de Janeiro State University’s Superior School of Industrial Design is considered by many as one of the world’s best design schools, while its Faculty of Law as among the country’s cream of the crop.


The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Fluminense Federal University, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro are among the certified universities in the city as well.


City Educational System


The municipal administration of the city is the one that looks over most of the primary schools in Rio, while the state is the one taking charge of the city’s secondary education. A small number of institutions are under the federal administration.