Travelling to Salvador

Travelling to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Salvador is accessible in a number of ways; you can get in on a plane, bus, or boat.




The city’s main airport is the Salvador’s Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhães International Airport. Catering to all the big airlines in Brazil, the airport is also among the country’s important airports. Among the airlines that fly to the city are TAM, Gol, ocean Air, TRIP, Web Jet, Passaredo, TAP, American Airlines, Livingston, and Condor.


Taking Paralela expressway, the airport is 28km from the center of the city or 32km when you take the seaside. In the airport, two kinds of taxis are available: executive and normal taxis. The first is pre-paid, which means that instead of meters, they have a price table. The second, is the typical taxi which are metered.




Salvador is easily accessible by bus, especially if you are traveling from just around Brazil. The city’s bus station for long-distance trips is situated 14km from the downtown. Aside from neighboring cities, there are also bus trips to Salvador from some parts of Paraguay.




The Bahian capital is a common stop among international cruise ships. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II once visited the city during one of her sailings. The city’s docks area though is a bit dangerous now due to age.


With the many means to get in Salvador, visiting the city has just been made easy for everyone.