Tourist information about Buzios

Traveling and visiting a foreign place would be hassle-free and would be easier if you know details like the currency, language used and spoken by the locals, phone codes, and other general information. If you will be visiting Buzios, these are the information that you would need to know.


While English and Spanish are spoken in some places in Buzios like in hotels, restaurants, and some tourist spots, Portuguese is the language spoken by the majority. It is the national language of Brazil but you must remember thinking that this is different in intonation and accent from the Portuguese that is spoken by locals in Portugal and the other colonies of the country. It will be helpful if you learned some Portuguese phrases before going to Buzios so it will be easier for you to communicate with the locals.

Postal code

You will need Buzios’s postal code when you are booking for transportation and for hotel reservations. The postal or zip code is 28925-000.

Phone codes

The Brazil country code is 55 and the local code of Buzios is 22. To make international calls from Buzios you would need to dial 00 plus the operator code plus the country code plus city code plus the telephone number. For phone calls within Brazil, just dial 00 plus the operator code plus the city code plus the number.


Brazil has a Real (R$) as its currency. It is relatively lower in value than that of a dollar and a euro. Aside from banks, you can also have your money exchange to a real in its airports, travel agencies and selected hotels.

Important Phone Numbers to Remember

It will also be helpful if you have important phone numbers handy. Aside from your travel companions’ numbers, you should have the number for the local police station. In Buzios the numbers for their police station are +55 (22) 2629-1281, +55 (22) 2623-1340, and +55 (22) 2620 8070. It will also be useful to have the tourism secretariat’s number who you can call whenever you need any information about Buzios. The number for it in Buzios is 55-22 2633-6200.

Medical Clinics

It would be very difficult for a tourist to handle an emergency situation as they are not familiar with the town’s hospitals and clinics. That is why it is very important to familiarize yourself with this. It is best to be prepared for any untoward circumstances and even just so you would know where you would need to go for a routine check-up. In Buzios, the Clinica Buzios and Centro Médico & Odontológico de Búzios are open for 24 hours. Clinica Buzios is situated at Est. J. B. Ribeiro Dantas, 3000 – Manguinhos and can be reached through +55 (22) 2623-2465 and 2623-6000. Centro Médico & Odontológico de Búzios’s numbers, on the other hand, are +55 (22) 2633-0200 and it is located at César Augusto São Luiz, 100 – Centro.