Tourist information about Maceió

Maceió is not just about the beach and the sun. If you are planning to head to the city, the information below may help you get to know and enjoy the city the most.

The city, which is the capital of the Alagoas state, offers a beachside oasis, especially to those who want to get away with the beach crowd in Brazil’s bigger coastal cities such as, Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. As it is located between Lake Mundau and the Atlantic Ocean, Maceió provides a great place to see natural swimming pools with large and beautiful reefs.

Inhabited by only about 325,000 people – a small population in the Brazilian standards – Maceió offers tourists an ideal alternative for a quiet and relaxing vacation.

Other than its beaches, Maceió is also famous for its handmade crafts, particularly it’s intricate lacework which makes a wide range of high-quality goods.

As part of Brazil, the city also has its own version of the country’s carnival, called the Maceió Fest. Taking place every November for four days, the event showcases the town’s local crafts and food as well other than the entertainment. Maceió Fest is one of the city’s most famous celebrations drawing more and more tourists each year.

With its small size, natural attractions, and festive celebrations, people would have more reason to visit Maceió aside from its beaches.