Foz do Iguazu culture

Just like any cities in Brazil, Foz do Iguacu shares the same diverse yet colorful culture and festivals. When in the city, you can expect how this diversity is manifested in its religion, music, and festivals.


The predominant religions in Foz do Iguazu are Spiritist, Protestant, and Roman Catholic. The city, however, has a large minority of Buddhists and Muslims. In fact, Foz do Iguazu has the largest Buddhist temple in Brazil and a mosque that’s considered to be the largest from those outside the Middle East.


As a Brazilian city, the Iguaçuences (people living in Foz do Iguazu) also take music as part of their lives. Any event or festivity is incomplete without the sound of any musical instruments. As a tourist, you can look forward to listening to the wide variety of the Iguaçuences’ musicality.


Although not as wild as the parties and celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, the festivals in Foz do Iguazu are as lively and vigorous.

On New Year, the people in the city are all in their festive mood welcoming the new year and saying goodbye to the previous one. They gather on the streets and witness a spectacular display of fireworks. Foz do Iguazu also celebrates with the whole country in honoring the saints that most Brazilians are devoted to: Saint John, Saint Anthony, and Saint Peter. Called the June Feasts (because it is celebrated every June) the festival is marked by big events, music, fun activities, and lots of food.

Foz do Iguazu also their celebration that’s from all the cities in Brazil. Referred to as the “fenartec” the event is an annual happening commemorating the multicultural diversity of the city. Usually held in May, it usually takes place in the city’s convention center.

Arts and Crafts

Foz do Iguazu is home to many creative people – famous or otherwise. It provides a venue for these artists to showcase their works that mostly depict the city’s varied culture while providing craftsmen a place to establish their local identity.

The craftsmen’s art pieces are both great as household items or souvenirs. The materials they use vary from pottery and wood to precious gems and jewelry. Several events are also hosted by the city for these craftsmen to feature their works.

Aside from having waterfalls that have been attracting many tourists from throughout the world, Foz do Iguazu’s culture is something to look forward to and experience.