Beaches of Aracaju

Brazil is known for its bright sunny weather and magnificent beaches. Thus, whether you are with your family, your friends, or just by yourself when visiting Aracaju, its beaches should never miss your itinerary.

Situated near the Atlantic Ocean, Aracaju has a coastline which stretches for 30 kilometers, giving it a number of beautiful beaches. Some of the cities best are in Refugio, Mosqueiro, Robalo, Náufragos, Atalaia, Aruana, and Coroa do Meio. On its southern coast, the beaches of Caueira, Náufragos, and Abaís showcase an unspoiled beauty anyone with a knack for nature would truly appreciate.

Praia Atalaia

Known in English as Atalaia Beach, Praia Atalaia is Aracaju’s nearest beach. Compared to other beaches in the city, this particular beach offers better places to stay in being more developed. Although Atalaia cannot compete with that of Alagoas’ and Bahia’s, the beach’s fine white sand along with its varied bars and restaurants, make it worth the visit too.

Atalaia’s atmosphere is lively. Families can have fun all day playing under the sun or enjoy watching the children take a splash in the water. Couples, on the other hand, will feel more romantic taking a stroll – holding hand in hand – in the white sands or watch as the sun sets. The beach also features an artificial lake in its little theme park which allows you to hire pedal boats.

Coroa do Meio

Another intoxicating beach in Aracaju is the sandy Coroa do Meio. Known throughout the city for being an ideal spot for kite surfing, the beach boasts of great winds that have been attracting many tourists, particularly those who are enthusiasts of the sport. From July through December, several kite surfing tournaments are being held in the beach.

Ilha de Santa Luzia

If you prefer a fun but solitary time at the beach, Ilha de Santa Luzia is the perfect destination. It is also an ideal spot to do surfing sessions at the beach has the Sergipe River separating it from the city.

Ilha de Goré

Situated at the south of the city and a 15-minute boat ride from Mosqueiro village, the gorgeous beach of Ilha de Goré offers a relaxing ambiance especially when it’s the low tide. Sitting a chair on its shores while sipping a beer and enjoying a plate of delicious seafood like crabs, shrimps, and fishes will complete that laidback and relaxed experience.

The beaches in Aracaju may not be as famous as those in other bigger Brazilian cities but its beauty and magnificence would not come last.