Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

From a small village of fishermen, Porto de Galinhas has become one of the richest and most famous vacation spots for tourists. Many magazines and travelers from all over the world consider the district as Brazil’s best beach.

The origin of the place’s name is no secret. Its name, which is Portuguese for “Port of Chickens” was coined during the late 19th Century. During this time, the Brazilian government restricted the commerce of slaves. To get away from this, “black ships” – which took slaves from Africa to Brazil – avoided the mention of slaves whenever they dock on a port. Instead, they used the word “chickens” to refer to them. Hence, the name, Porto de Galinhas.

Located 60 kilometers from the South of Recife, Porto de Galinhas attracts many visitors not just for its beautiful beach, but also magnificent reefs that during low tides become a natural swimming pool for all. In 2009, one of Brazil’s most important travel magazines, Viagem e Turismo or Voyage and Tourism in English recognized the district as the country’s jewel beach. Interestingly, this was the 9th time Porto de Galinhas got the title ever since the publication started the survey for Brazil’s best beaches.

As it is lying near the equatorial line, Porto enjoys sunny and warm weather, with a permanent breeze. Quite an isolated yet booming resort town, the town boasts of its coconut groves, estuaries, mangroves, and crystal blue waters.

For food lovers, Porto de Galinhas offers various regional cuisines that are just hard to resist. Its restaurants and bars serve different dishes that range from world delicacies to experimental ones.

At night, nocturnal guests can go grab a drink at one of the city’s bars, spend the night dancing or partying with the locals and other tourists, or enjoy the romantic ambiance of the beach at night.

Accessible by a taxi or bike, guests will not find it hard to look for a place to stay as there are a number of hotels in town. Depending on your needs and of course budget, these establishments offer various services and amenities.

With its great beach and warm weather, Porto de Galinhas offers an ideal summer destination for a group of friends and families.