Places of interest in Fortaleza

Monuments, museums, and parks. These are among the many things that you will be able to enjoy in Fortaleza, Brazil. The capital city of Ceara has a little bit of everything for everybody. If you would like to know a bit about the city’s history then there are a lot of museums that you can choose from. If you would like to see famous city landmarks, then there are a lot of places to go to for these. When in Fortaleza, your day will always be filled with things to do and you will never run out of places to go.

Famous landmarks

The Theatro José de Alencar is the city’s architectural landmark. It is a theater that has performances every evening. If you just want to visit the place, they are open to visits from the public every hour. The Praça do Ferreira, on the other hand, is the city’s main square. Here you will find different stores, various restaurants, and also a movie theater. If you want to catch a fresh local act though, you may want to go to the Praça José de Alencar. Here you will the best street performers in the city. It also has a lot of greenery so you can just walk up there and enjoy the calm surroundings. If you want more greenery, you can go to the Parque Ecologico do Cocó. This can be found near the Iguatemi Mall. This is the largest green area in the city.


The Museu do Ceará is where you can go to learn about the State’s history. You will also find artifacts showing you the history of the city capital. The Museu de Arte e Cultura Popular showcases cultural relics of Fortaleza. They also display folk arts and boats from old times. This was an old prison that has now been converted into a museum. Aside from the cultural relics available, they also have a handicraft market. If you want to see old car models on display, you may go to the Museu do Automóvel. They have models from as early as 1917 and they also have 2 funeral cars that were from the 1930s. They have a total of 60 cars on display.


Fortaleza has two parks that are worth visiting. The Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is one. It a fortress hill standing 800 ft and it overlooks the sea. This is a World Heritage Site that is open to the public. Beach Park is another one. This is a mix of a Resort and Park. Here you will be able to enjoy various water activities,