Travelling to Aracaju


Tourists can easily get to Aracaju. Like many Brazilian cities, there are various transports – by land and by air – that will take you to the city.

By Land

Aracaju is mainly served by bus. Most of the buses that serve long-distance travels leave from Rodoviária Nova(3259 2848), a new bus station located 4 kilometres from the city centre. The Avenida Presidente Tancredo is also a bus station that still offers transportation services.

There are several bus companies running around the city, some of these are Bonfim (3259 2788), Progresso (3259 3020), Real Alagoas (3259 28320), Santa Maria (3259 3000) and Coopertalse (3259 3028).

Bonfim has three daily buses that travel to Salvador via the coastal Linha Verde highway for four hours and Hwy BR-101 via Entre Rios for about six hours. Fares usually range from $40 to $60. Buses of Bonfim also serve towns of Maceio and Pinedo. Companies, Progreso and Real Alagoas travel to Recife from Aracaju for about nine hours for about $68.

By Air

Aracaju airport (3212 8500) is coded as AJU. It caters flights from some major cities like Rio and Sao Paulo to Aracaju. If you are travelling from another country, you might have to fly to these bigger cities first before you reach the city.