Carnival in Aracaju

Brazil is known throughout the world for its colourful and festive carnivals. Year after year, more and more people from various parts of the globe visit the country to take part in the famous celebration. Each of the Brazilian cities comes up with their own set of activities during this 4-day period that happens before the Lenten season starts and leads up to the Ash Wednesday. Carnival in Aracaju is no different.

Taking place prior to Salvador’s, Aracaju carnival showcases similar floats, music, and merry-making as there is in other cities. The only difference in the capital of Sergipe’s carnival has is its lesser crowd. Undeniably, packs and packs of people flock in the bigger cities of Brazil. Although fun, this number of carnival goers may hamper your experience.

In Aracaju, you will have more chance to experience a Brazilian carnival at its best. You can take part in the parade without having to be knocked and bumped by fellow participants or check out the activities without having to fall in a very long line.

With the same vigour and colour of a typical Brazilian carnival, Aracaju offers a safer environment to tourists and locals alike. You can party all day and all night without the hassles, discomforts, and chaos of a bigger crowd.