Transports in Curitiba

Making the most out of your stay in Curitiba, Brazil would be incomplete without knowing the various means to get around the city. As the country’s capital and one of its largest cities, Curitiba has a transport system that’s been getting interested worldwide.

Public Transportation System

A system called Bus Rapid Transit, the city’s transportation system is simple yet practical. That is, all public transportation in Curitiba is to be composed of buses. The buses though are classified into five types: Express, Rapid, Bi-articulated, Inter-district, and Feeder buses. Each plays a specific function.

Express buses exclusively operate on the dedicated busways on the arteries while Rapid ones operate on both arteries and some main streets in the city. Bi-articulated buses on the other hand, which were introduced in 1992, come in a rapid bus form but operate on outside lanes. This particular bus type is the world’s largest. Inter-district buses provide services between the sectors of the city, connecting the routes of the bi-articulated and express buses. The last type, which is the feeder buses, are those that mix on the city streets’ traffic, they’re used to transfer passengers on district terminals.


Curitiba has one main airport, the Afonso Pena International Airport. Located near São José dos Pinhais, the airport is where all commercial flights in Curitiba operate. With a total area of 45,000 square meters, it has been serving about 3.5 million passengers every year.

With the simplicity and practicality of the transport system in Curitiba, getting around the city would not be that hard after all.