Transports in Recife

Transports in Recife

Getting around Recife is easy. There is a lot of transportation available for you. It is even easy to get out of the town to get to other nearby destinations. Just pick a transport of choice and explore the city and its surrounding destinations.




There are a lot of buses going in and out of Recife. The Terminal Integrado de Passageiros or TIP is the city’s terminal where you can go to get on trips to out of town. The terminal has all the interstate buses and they can go to a lot of destinations within the state of Pernambuco. In fact, daily trips are available to area like Caruaru, Natal, Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Salvador, Maceió and Rio.


TIP is located 17km to the west of the city’s center but if you would like to buy tickets before going there, you may do so at the Central MetroRec which is just in the town.




If you would want to drive on your own in getting around Recife, you may also do so. There are several car rental services available in the city. Among these are Avis, Localiza and Budget.


If you would want to travel to the cities around Recife, then it would be helpful to take note of these highways. The Translitoranean or Highway BR-101 is connected to the Northeastern coastal cities like Natal, Aracaju and Salvador. It also connects the city of Recife to Rio de Janeiro. The Highway BR-232 is connected to Caruaru and Gravatá, while the Highway BR-408 is connected to Campina Grande.




There are also several taxi services available in the area who can take you at the destination of your choice.