Transports in São Paulo

Transports in São Paulo

The streets in São Paulo are described by many to be dizzying and chaotic. If you are not really familiar of the city, getting around it can be quite frustrating and difficult. However, with a good map, you’ll learn that exploring the city’s tourist attractions can be less hard since most of them actually lie around the Avenida Paulista.


If you need to go from one place to another though, Sampa’s subway is relatively manageable; but if you are going to travel to longer distances, the city’s metered taxis are the most practical transport.


Other means to get around the city are the following:


Car Rental


There are a number of car rental companies that tourists can turn to when in the city. Although the streets in Sampa can become a maze to first timers, having your own car (though rented) is convenient, especially when you are to have a long distance travel. Car rental can range from £16.75 – £48.62 per day.


Bus and Coach


There are several bus stations in the city, so make sure you already know where to go in order to get to a particular destination to avoid delays. If you are heading to other neighbouring cities of Sampa, you should be either be in Terminal Tiete bus station or the Terminal Intermunicipal do Jabaquara.


Transport in Sampa may be a little challenge to tourists, but with the things the city has to offer, it’s actually worth all the little “trouble”.