Carnival in Maceió

Despite not having the same fame and extravagance of the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, Maceió Carnivals are still worth-seeing and experiencing. Because of its relatively small size, carnival in Maceió may be an ideal alternative especially to those who are not really fond of big crowds that’s to be expected in big cities like Rio.

Maceió’s own version of the Brazilian Carnival is called the Maceió Fest. Held before lent, the 4-day event does not just provide tourists and locals with a party atmosphere; it also offers a perfect venue to enjoy traditional music and food. For visitors, this is also an opportunity to experience the city’s culture.

During the Maceió Fest, one can expect a lot of drinking, singing, dancing, parading in the streets, and even wearing fabulous and wild costumes. It is basically just the same as that in other Brazilian cities only that in Maceió, it is a bit subtle and less crowdy. There are also a number of displays showcasing local products during this event.

Carnivals in Maceió may not be as grand as in most big cities in Brazil, but anyone who’s interested in a more intimate and personal feast will surely appreciate what the city has to offer.