Salvador for adults

Salvador da Bahia for adults

The Bahian capital has a bustling nightlife that attracts a lot singles, particularly the adults who are coming from various parts of the world and offers many establishments to cater to adult tourists.


Strip clubs, also known as boates, in Salvador are very common. In fact, one can even find a listing of it in local papers inconspicuously listed under the “massage therapy” heading. However, one may not need to look far to get into a one of the city’s adult clubs. Just heading to some major streets in the city, will lead you to this kind of places. The beach of Porto da Barra for one, is known to have a line of prostitute bars.


Among the adult clubs found in Porto da Barra are Café Cancun, Fashion Club, and Aero Shopping. One can also find strip clubs around the city like the Tchê Night Club located near Pelourinho, Eros and Freenight which are both located in Pituba. The street of Pituba is known for having hookers hanging around the area.




Motels in Salvador mean only one thing: for adults. The term, when used in Brazil, refers to a place adults get in to for some private moments. In Salvador, there are a number of motels to cater to many of its adult tourists.


Some of the popular motels in the city are Motel Charm (Av. Dorival Caymi, 107 Itapoa, Salvador), Oasis Motel (Av. Afranio Peixoto, S/N Suburbana, Salvador), Fantasy Motel (Av. Jorge Amado, 551 Boca Do Rio, Salvador), Motel Kamasutra (Av. Prof°. Pinto De Aguiar, 2084 Patamares, Salvador), and Tramp S Motel (Rua Profª. Maria Helena Fonseca, S/N Costa Azul, Salvador).


These varied for adult places in Salvador just add up to its attraction among tourists. While they can enjoy the sights and places in the morning, they can have fun and enjoy meeting new people at night. However, like any places in the world, care must be taken while exploring the adult places in the city. Keep yourself safe and protected – that is literally and figuratively speaking.


With all these places in Salvador, it is no wonder why it is considered among the top destinations in the country.