João Pessoa culture

Aside from being known to be the first city in Brazil to see the rising sun, João Pessoa has also captivated the hearts of many for its rich and colorful culture. It may be telling of the city’s long history or pictures its religious roots or manifests João Pessoa’s growth as a city, but for sure this culture will keep tourists interested and more drawn in the city.

Already a part of João Pessoa tradition, there are a number of events and entertainment that visitors can look forward to.

Among these are the Muriçocas do Miramar, which often precedes the official carnival days; the Vem Viver a Paraíba, translated in English as “Come and Experience Paraiba” which showcases various folklore performances; the and Carnaval da Melhor Idade which is a carnival for the senior citizens. All three take place during February.

For Catholics, the Auto de Deus, which takes place every April or the Lenten Season, is something to see as well. It is a Passion Play recalling the crucifixion of Christ.

The São São João fora de época, on the other hand, gathers the city’s biggest and most talented musicians in this major regional music happening.

On the months of June and July, the FENART João Pessoa and Feira Brasil Mostra Brasil take place, respectively. The first being a huge exhibition for fine arts enthusiasts, while the second, a trade fair that showcases a wide range of Brazilian products.

During August, João Pessoa goes on a festive mood again as it celebrates the feast of its patroness, Santa Maria Maggiore. Food, songs, and dances will fill every corner of the city in this event.

For rodeo lovers, the Vaquejada do Cowboy taking place every November is not to be missed.

The Festa do Atum in December is another popular festival in the city. Different activities happen here but all are dedicated to one of João Pessoa popular products – tuna.

On New Year’s Eve, the event called Reveillon will put people in awe as fireworks and other festivities are all showcased on the city’s magnificent beach.

These festivals and celebrations simply give tourists a glimpse of one side of João Pessoa’s culture. As in most cities, this help give the region its own identity and unique to other places. It is a chance for visitors to get to know the city more and an opportunity to mingle with the locals as well.