People from Buzios

Buzios was first inhabited by the native tribe, the famous y geodatabases. In the early 1500s, it was colonized by the Portuguese and the town still sees remnants of Portuguese culture up to this day. While the Portuguese inhabited the place, French, Dutch and English nationals would visit Buzios to smuggle wood and slaves. They mingled with the locals and hid there while they were smuggling the goods.

Now, Buzios is still visited by different tourists and immigrants from different nationalities. The town’s rich beach culture and vibrant nightlife are among the attractions that pull visitors into its home. These mix of cultures resulted in a variety of international cuisines offered in the area as well as the mix of styles that influence the town’s architecture.

Aside from these, you can also expect that Buzios’ population is already a mix of different nationalities. Buzios now has up to 25,000 inhabitants. And while the population is still predominantly occupied by the locals, there is now a mix of different ethnicities in the area. There are a large number of immigrants, some of these retirees, that decided to settle in the town.

The town is known though for its hospitable people and friendly locals. This is evidently seen in the number of locals that are working in different hotels, restaurants, and pubs that swarm the area. The tourists are always assured of a pleasant experience in any Buzios establishment, as the town prides itself in providing world class customer service from its local staffs.