Travelling to Recife

Travelling to Recife, Brazil

In getting to Recife, you have a lot of transportation options. This can be by air, by sea, by bus or by car. You can choose the most convenient for you or you can pick the cheapest that can fit your budget.


By air


The Guararapes International Airport which is also known as the Gilberto Freyre International Airport is where you will be landing going to and from Recife. It has daily flights to all of the Brazilian states, and has regular flights to all of Brazil’s major cities. International flights to and from Atlanta and Miami in the United States, Argentina, Buenos Aires, France, Lisbon, Paris, and Portugal are also available.


By bus


The Terminal Integrado de Passageiros or TIP is Recife’s bus terminal. The city’s center is just 17km away from the terminal. The terminal has trips going to and from places within the state of Pernambuco. Among the daily trips available are to Caruaru, Maceió, Fortaleza, Salvador, João Pessoa and Natal.


By car


If you wish to travel to Recife by car, you may also do so. If you are in Olinda, Recife will only be 7km away. The other places you can travel by car from are: Cabo de Santo Agostinho which is 33 km to Recife, Igarassu is 39 km, Itamaracá is 49 km, Porto de Galinhas is 64 km, and Tamandaré is 99 km going to Recife.


By sea


If you would want to reach Recife by sea, there are also several cruise ships that travel from different South American countries and also from Europe.