João Pessoa nightlife

Unlike other cities in Brazil such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, nightlife in João Pessoa is very limited; most of which are concentrated on the city’s main beaches. However, tourists with a little know-how (backed with creativity and enthusiasm) will not find this a hindrance to enjoying the city’s beauty at night.

The beach of Tambaú is considered to be the city’s center for fun and lively nightlife. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the night in the city, this is where you go. Found here are a number of nice restaurants, clubs, and bars that would suit the taste of varied visitors. Most of these establishments do not even require dress codes, so you can be in your informal attire.

Among the bars found in Tambaú is the Incógnito American Bar and Jacaré Pop which both in serves a wide variety of wine and beer. Great for a group of friends, the two offer a venue for a good drink and a perfect place to meet and mingle with other tourists and locals.

Other nightlife options on the beach are Empório, Jacarés Bar, and Gira Mundo. Empório, which offers a lively and intimate ambiance, is open for both straight and gay people. Jacarés Bar, on the other hand, is among the shacks found on the riverfront that offer live entertainment. Serving German-style sausages Gira Mundo is where tourists can get a taste of a large beer worth R$4 and a platter of sausage for R$13.

Next, to the beach, there are also a number of pretty women strolling around offering tapioca – a typical food that is made out of flour. These women are dressed in a way the town’s slaves did over 150 years ago.

You may not have much of a choice for nightlife in João Pessoa, but this should not stop you from enjoying your stay in the city. If you are staying in an expensive hotel or resort, you can check out some of its facilities for nightlife. You can even set up for a karaoke night with some of your friends and enjoy a good beer.

For those wanting to see the view of the city during the night, this would be your perfect opportunity. Without the crowd and noise coming from bars and clubs, tourists are given the chance to appreciate the tranquil and relaxing environment in João Pessoa. That is after all that vacations are for.