Camboriu culture

Brazil is a country that has a very rich culture and that has a very rich tradition. These traditions are not only known locally but are known worldwide. And these traditions are truly unique in Brazil and they are popularly known for these. Their art, music, religion, and festivals have made them known internationally. And each region of Brazil has a mix of cultures. They share what the rest of the country follow and they also have cultures of their own. Balneário Camboriú is one of these.

Beach culture and nightlife

Brazil is known to have a lot of beaches. Because of this, people have learned to adapt to a beach lifestyle. As the city of Camboriú is a great beach resort, they share this same culture with the rest of the beach cities of the country. They are used to being under the intense heat of the sun and are into water sports like surfing. And as most beaches in Brazil offer parties night and day, the Brazilians are also known to be heavy partiers and are sure to know how to have a good time. This is also brought about by the city’s great nightlife. The beach and the nightlife are two things that have really become a trademark of Camboriu.


Football is the national sport of Brazil. All of the regions and cities of Brazil also play this sport religiously. There are tournaments in every city and you will see it played in every corner. In Camboriu, the people play traditional football and they have a different spin on the sport. The beach-soccer is very popular in the city and they hold tournaments every year. You will also see this played on the beaches.


Brazilian cuisine differs in every region. When you go to a city in the northern part of Brazil, you will find that their cuisine is very different from that of a city in the southern part. But overall, Brazil offers great dishes that will surely be a gastronomic treat. In the southern part of Brazil where Comboriu is part of, you will commonly find cheese, tutu, polenta, stew and various types of pasta: macaroni, lasagne, and gnocchi are popular. These are also popular in the southeast region of the country.


As with the rest of the country, Camboriu celebrates the Carnival. This is a great Brazilian tradition that is really unique to the country. This event draws thousands of tourists every year. Though the city only has a few samba schools participating in the festivity, still it is an event to be part of. It will truly give you an experience like no other.