Belo Horizonte architecture


Like most Brazilian cities, Belo Horizonte is home to rich architecture that has made it notable in this field worldwide. Being in the city would be a treat for the eyes with the various structures in a parade and all waiting for your notice.

Works of Oscar Niemeyer

The Pampulha Center is the most popular architectural masterpiece in Belo Horizonte. This came about when then-Mayor Juscelino Kubitschek commissioned modern Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer to design it. The products are open avenues, big lakes and extending skylines that are what we see in the city today. There are also a lot of great architectural designs that are still present in Pampulha. The most notable is the Pampulha church of Saint Francis of Assisi. It is unlike any other. The outer walls, which have a polychromatic effect, are plastered with tiled murals that show the life of Saint Francis. The mainframes are made of parabolic arches and it truly is a sight to see.

Mineirão Stadium

The Mineirão stadium is also one of the great architectural masterpieces that are in Belo Horizonte. Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto or better known as Mineirão was constructed in 1965. It is the largest stadium in Minas Gerais and is the second largest in the world. At the beginning of the construction, both the workers and the Engineers feared the stadium would not be completed. This was mainly due to financial reasons. But after its completion, it introduced various examples of advancement in construction and even raised the standards of national engineering.

Other Works

The former seat of the State Government is another of the structures in Belo Horizonte that offer rich architectural design. It was heavily influenced by a French mission that came to Brazil at the turn of the last century. It is considered as having a neoclassical style.

Palácio das Artes or Palace of Arts houses various expressions to Minas Gerais’s culture. It has different galleries that showcase different Brazilian artworks, has a theatre and cinema, and a place where exhibitions can be held. It is considered an architectural treasure that is located in Belo Horizonte’s downtown area.

Casa do Baile or The Ball House was where the elites of the city hanged around in the 1940s. Now, it is the venue of architectural events and functions. Its structure is rounded which is why it was named the Ball House. It is found in the edge of the Pampulha Lagoon.