Porto de Galinhas nightlife

Aside from the beaches, Porto de Galinhas is also known for its nightlife. In fact, it is a favorite of residents of nearby Recife, which is only 60km away from Porto. Foreign tourists who are visiting Porto primarily because of its beaches also find themselves having a great time in one if not all of the night spots available in the area.

Even though Porto de Galinhas is just a small village, there is still a lot of places to go during nighttime and many places where you can spend the night away eating, drinking and mingling with locals and tourists alike.

There are several restaurants and bars available to everyone. You won’t have a hard time locating one on the streets. These spots are usually packed during the holidays but remain fairly quiet during regular days. On some weekends though you will find these night spots filled with tourists who want to either relax after a tiring day at the beach or to extend their beach party into the confines of the bars and restaurants on the streets.

You can also bustle nightlife in the intersection of Porto de Galinhas’s that are found near the beach. In this intersection, you can sometimes find yourself witness to an impromptu drum circle. This will be during the weekends. You can also find several night spots on either of the two main roads.