Sports in Belo Horizonte


Football is the most popular sport among the locals of Belo Horizonte and in the entire country of Brazil. This is much evident in one of their most famous landmarks, the Mineiro, which is the biggest football stadium in the world. Aside from this, the city is also home to two of the biggest football teams in Brazil; the Clube Atlético Mineiro and the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube.

Another factor that would prove the popularity of football in the city is the number of famous and successful players that it produced. Bigode, Afonso Alves, Adriano, and Wellington Amorim are a few of these players that have made Belo Horizonte proud.

The second most popular sport in the country in volleyball. It also garners large attendance from the locals. It is in Mineirinho where Belo Horizonte locals will go to witness their favorite teams and players battle with each other. In Telemig Celular Arena, locals can also watch their most awaited volleyball matches.

Tennis is also another game that is played in Mineirinho. It is in Belo Horizonte where the Minas Tennis Club is housed. This is a sports association that has what is considered as the club that is among the most advanced in the training facilities. The club’s male and female teams have won various titles in the Brazilian Superleague of Volleyball.