Aracaju culture

A Brazilian city, the culture of Aracaju is much the same as in the whole country. It may not be as unique and as diverse and colorful like in bigger cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, but it is worth the visit as well.

To learn about Aracaju’s history and culture, here are some places that you should visit.


The capital of Sergipe has a number of museums that showcase interesting collections telling a story not just about Aracaju but also of the state’s and the country’s as well. Among the city’s famous museums include, Museu do Artesanato, Museu do Instituto Histórico e Geográfico de Sergipe, Museu do Homem Sergipano, Museu Memorial de Sergipe, Museu de Antropologia, Museu de Arte Bélica da Polícia Militar de Sergipe, and Museu de Arte e História Rosa Faria.

Also known in English as Museum of History of Geography, the Museu do Instituto Histórico e Geográfico de Sergipe is one of Aracaju’s most important museums. Here, several artifacts are showcased including the Indian funeral urns called “igacapas”. Another interesting display in the museum is the skeleton of a giant sloth along with other collection of rare fossils.

Whether you are with your friends or with your family, a trip to any of the museums in the city would provide a learning-filled and fun experience.


Another resource to turn to when looking for information about the city’s culture is its libraries, some of them are Arquivo Público Estadual de Sergipe, Biblioteca da FARNESE and Biblioteca Pública Epiphâneo Dórea. Although not as visually stimulating as the museums are, Aracaju libraries feature a collection with rich information about its culture and history among others.


If you are not a fan history and other “old” stuff, then the movie theatres in Aracaju may entertain you. Giving you an on-hand experience of the city’s present lifestyle and culture, the movie theatres will keep you abreast of the latest films in the country – and in Hollywood. Some of the best movie houses in Aracaju are located in Riomar Mall now known as Cinemark and in Jardins Mall.

Sure, there may not be anything very remarkable or grand in Aracaju culture. But “remarkable” and “grand” is relative. Experiencing the Brazilian culture in the city is already a remarkable experience any tourist can have. The warm and hospitable people, the beautiful beaches, and the festive carnivals among others are enough to make any visit to the city worth remembering.