Study in Fortaleza

As with the rest of the Brazilian cities, education in Fortaleza is regulated by their Federal Government. They use Portuguese are their medium of instruction but you may find schools that also use Spanish and also English.

The educations system of Brazil follows 12 grades, with 2 terms each year. The first term goes from February to June and the second one from August to December. Each year all of the students are evaluated by the National High School Exam and the grade they get for the evaluation is used in their application for college.

There are a number of public and private institutions that offer higher education in the city. This is the home of one of the state’s federal universities, Universidade Federal do Ceará. It is also the home of the second biggest university in the state which is the Universidade Estadual do Ceará. Other universities found in the city are Universidade de Fortaleza, Universidade do Vale do Acaraú and Universidade Regional do Cariri.

If you want to learn Portuguese in Fortaleza, the city also offers various language schools that will be able to teach you how to speak and write in Brazil’s official language. There are simple language schools that will mainly provide you with the technical skills while there are others that will certify you as someone who can speak the Portuguese language.

Para brasileiros em Fortaleza: Visite o blog Mi mundo del Espanhol da professora Kariny Oliveira. Ela dá aulas de espanhol e francês e oferece várias dicas para aprender idiomas.