History of Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas, a district of Pernambuco, has what is considered as the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. To those who don’t know the place for what it is, they can only see it as a small fishing village.

Porto de Galinhas’s prominence started in the 1900s when famous celebrities from Brazil, like some TV stars and sportsmen, frequented the area because of its beaches. The celebrities that had seen the place more than just a simple isolated fishing village, had shared it to more of their friends and this set the trend of local tourists visiting the area.

Now, Porto de Galinhas is visited not only by tourists from Brazil but also by tourists from around the world.

The name Porto de Galinhas literally means Port of Chickens. The government of Brazil during the 19th century restricted the buying and selling of slaves. It was because of this that the slave traders had to think of a secret name for which their interested buyers would know when slaves were available for purchase. The chicken was their code for slaves and thus when one heard that new chickens were at the port, they knew that this meant new slaves were available at the port.