São Paulo Carnival

São Paulo carnival

Brazil is famous throughout the world for its festive, lively, and colorful carnivals. Every year, the street party kicks off days prior to Lent. For four days, the whole country goes on a non-stop partying and merry-making. Brazil carnivals take place in the country’s major cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


Although Rio’s carnivals have gained reputation and popularity already among tourists, São Paulo’s is preferred by those looking for cheaper options. Additionally, the city’s carnival does not have the chaotic crowd present in Rio.


Anhembi Sambadrome


A Sambadrome is an exhibition place for Brazil’s Samba Schools. In São Paulo, the Anhembi Sambadrome is where the Carnival takes place annually. It is one of the city’s largest outdoor venues holding some of São Paulo’s major events. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the place, which opened in 1991, measures 530m long and 14m wide. Every year, the Anhembi Sambadrome is the place for up to 30,000 carnival participants and spectators.


Carnival activities


Tourists and locals alike can look forward to a lot of things in São Paulo Carnival. You can expect to see lots of Brazilians dressed up in costumes that are all elaborate and colorful. For the spectators to really join in the fun, the city’s local shops are the places to get hats, shirts, and feathery costumes, too.

During the parade, the party atmosphere is evident with all the dancing and music. Street parades are known as blocos, they run around the business district of Avenida Paulista to spread some free entertainment.

Aside from the parades, São Paulo Carnival is also the time to catch free concerts here and there. And for added excitement, tourists can also take part in Samba parades or join the Samba contests for an authentic Brazilian experience. Held on the weekend of the carnival, Samba parades are often participated by some of the major samba schools in the city. Since most of these schools practice for the whole year, you can expect spectacular presentations from them during the parade. At the end of the parade, one of the schools that participated will be declared a winner for the year. A much anticipated activity, tickets to the São Paulo carnival parades are expectedly expensive, ranging from $50 to $800 (of course this is nothing compared to that in Rio).


With all the fun, music, and dance all happening in São Paulo Carnival, this event is definitely a must-see for tourists.