Sports in Porto de Galinhas

The main sport that is played in Porto de Galinhas is football. It is widely played all over the country and Porto is surely not an exception. The sport was introduced to the state of Pernambuco when Dutch and English sailors visited the state and played a game of soccer on the beach. This was in 1902 and since then it has sparked the interest of the Pernambucanos.

Porto’s neighbor city Recife is even hosted to a number of national championship games. It is also among the cities that will host the awaited 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Aside from football, Porto is also home to a number of water sports as the main attraction of the city is its beaches. Tourists can not only enjoy swimming in its clear waters, various activities like kayaking can also be done in one of the many beaches it offers.

Surfing is also another sport that is observed in Porto. Pontal de Maracaípe is even a venue for different surfing competitions. Its great waves make it an ideal spot for this sport. Another place in Porto where you can enjoy a good wave is in Praia do Cupe which is known for its strong waves.