São Paulo beaches

São Paulo beaches, Ubatuba

São Paulo may not have Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana and Ipanema, but little information about the city will bring you close to the city’s fabulous neighbor beaches that are worth visiting.


Praia do Encanto

From the Portuguese term which means “charm beach”, Praia do Encanto Beach is also known as 5th Beach. Many tourists enjoy spending some time in this beach for its tranquility (something that is quite strange in many Brazilian beaches). Since the beach is a little out of the way for taxis, reaching Praia do Encanto would have to be through hotel transportation service. With its quiet atmosphere, reading a book with a large bowl of popcorn would be a perfect activity.

Caraguatatuba Beaches


Lying on São Paulo’s north coast, Caraguatatuba features 18 beaches that tourists can choose from. Its wide natural surroundings that complement the bustling hotels, restaurants, and beachside activity is enough for beachgoers to appreciate the whole area.


São Sabastiao Beaches


Also on the city’s north coast, the beaches of São Sabastiao may give an impression of being wild and untamed, especially to new visitors. Looking at the whole area however, one would not be able to help but admire the magnificent natural waterfalls and cliffs that reveal its natural beauty. Paragliding and cliff diving are among the famous activities done in the area.


Guaruja Beaches


Although they will never be at par with the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, the beaches in Guaruja still have that beauty that’s worth the visit. Among the beaches close to São Paulo, Guaruja beaches are considered to be the most tourist-oriented and commercialized. The long-stretching beaches are often very crowded with beachgoers, particularly in the beach of Pitangueiras. Along the beaches, there are a number of restaurants and food vendors that will provide the tourists need for great and sumptuous food. Cheaper than the beaches in Rio, Guaruja beaches will give you an economical Brazilian beach experience.


Ubatuba Beaches


Ubatuba is one of the province of São Paulo’s most popular towns. It showcases several gorgeous beaches that are perfect for sailing, surfing, and other water activities. Some of the town’s famous beaches are the Itamambuca, Itagua, and Lazaro. Aside from the marvelous beaches, the town also features a rainforest that’s for everyone to enjoy.


The beaches near São Paulo are just proof the varied attractions one can enjoy in the city. Although not comparable from that of Rio, these beaches are cheaper yet offering (still) an authentic Brazilian experience.