Transports in Ouro Preto

Used to have an abundant supply of gold, the city of Ouro Prêto has a geography that is easy for tourists to get around with. With it having a small size and hills that are steep make it easy to be explored even on foot. In fact, walking is considered by many to be the most convenient way to get around and appreciate the beauty of the city.

When you’ve decided to stroll around the city, make sure that you are with your most comfortable shoes. There may be a bit of huff and puff to encounter as you walk going up and going down the steep hills, but consider this a part of your experience in Ouro Prêto. Tourists who are in wheelchairs or with impaired mobility will not find this a good way to check out the city though. In this case, a city bus running around the city’s territories and few neighborhoods, including the town of Mariana can be taken.

Bus fare costs about R$1; from the bus station, it goes through Capela do Padre Faria which is on the eastern part of the city. Along the way, it makes various stops to cater to more passengers.