Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

About 340 kilometers off the Brazilian coastline is a group of islands called Fernando de Noronha. The archipelago is composed of twenty one islands, one of which is larger than the rest. But common to all of these islands are the beautiful beaches and wonderful marine life. Situated in the largest island is the Fernando de Noronha Hotel where island exploration tours start. Fernando de Noronha is slowly developing its tourism potential despite its population size of only 2100 residents. The place also aims to continuously preserve its ecology. For those concerned about their budgets, there is a Fernando de Noronha Pousada for you.

Being a bit far from the main island, the archipelago managed to keep its beauty intact as it did even five centuries ago when Portuguese navigator Americo Vespucio discovered the islands. The islands are on the east coast of Brazil and about two hundred miles away from Natal. They are under the administration of the State of Pernambuco.

The Portugues settled on the islands in 1503 after Vespucio claimed the land in their name. The ruins of a fortress built by the early settlers can be found at Vila dos Remedios. Considered to be the most populous and most inhabited town, Vila dos Remedios is where you can find more choices for accommodation. The islands also has a history. They were used as prison but were later turned into stopovers for flights bound for Europe. They also became a location for an airbase during World War II. The base is still in use today by the Brazilian Air Force.

Wildlife abounds in these islands. The population is relatively small and tourism limits people staying on the island of up to 420 persons at a time. The limit seems to be reinforced by charging higher permit fee for those who are overstaying. Brazil’s shortest national highway which is the only paved road in the islands is found in Fernando de Noronha.

Make your holidays worthwhile in these islands by allocating a mínimum of five days for the entire vacation. Doing so will give you a chance to explore the abundant beauty of Noronha. After checking your options with your tour operators, you can plan your holiday in Noronha and choose what packages may appeal to you.

The island paradise has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit. The people living in the island are mostly into tourism. Don’t be surprised if Brazilian food cost is double compared to anywhere in Brazil because the food needs to be transported to the island. Fishing in the área is strictly prohibited and is illegal so fresh seafood hardly come by except at a restaurant name Ecologiku.