In the Amazon rainforest and Andes mountain range, half of the world’s species of animals live and multiplies. From the strangest to the most unique and from the noisiest to the most silent creatures; all are found here. These varieties of wildlife are just proof of the tremendous biodiversity sheltered in the Amazon.

Over 70, 000 years ago, the Amazon is the only place on earth where animals have lived longer than people. Most of these different types of animals are now numerous and are already popularly-known by many humans.

Among the largest and hazard-prone animals present in the Amazon are black caiman, jaguar, cougar, and anaconda. In lieu with the river and its tributaries, electric eels extremely cause electric shock and poisonous piranhas cause humans’ death if bitten at some point. The spread and stray of various vampire bats and poison dart frogs around the rainforest can as well dilate and secrete toxins. Yellow fever, dengue and malaria being three of the well-known illnesses effectuated by certain disease-causing insects can be highly contracted within the region of the Amazon too.

Animals in rainforest deeply vary with their popularity and their endangered state. Examples of popular animals in Amazonia are anaconda snakes, known to be the most dangerous creature, eating huge animals for their food. Jaguar, a type of cat who is rare to be found in the forest that’s why called as the lonely creature and is considered endangered due to its estimated 200 in totality. Golden Lion Tamarin, like the Jaguar, is an animal that’s certainly rare to be found in nature and closely looks like the real lion. However, this is now living in Africa jungle. Another endangered type of animal is the Harpy Eagle who has now a remaining population of 400 and eats anything under the heat of the sun. With this eagle, animals like anacondas and jaguar are some of the wilds who don’t feel any threats at all. Orangutan, a type of monkey who is popularly known by many nowadays is also present in the Amazon but is currently endangered due to constant hunting and exporting of them to other countries. There’s this largest creature in the Amazon River who has no enemies except humans. This is the Black Caiman which can weigh approximately to 3,000 pounds and can reach at a maximum length of 20 feet.

As humans, instead of contributing to the deterioration of animals through abusive hunting, we should take responsibility in sustaining the ecosystem and keep these species living.