Travelling to Brasilia

Being Brazil’s capital city, tourists can expect several transportations means to take them to Brasilia. They are the following:


For convenience and practicality, the best way to get to Brasilia is flying. Because the city is Brazil’s air travel center, getting to the city by plane should not be a problem. Some lines even touch down the city’s airport without getting a connecting flight. This however only works on domestic cases. If you are from abroad, flying directly to the city is currently not possible. The only option you can take is getting to a non-stop flight from Lisbon via TAP Portugal, Buenos Aires aboard TAM Brazil and Atlanta through Delta Airlines.


Having a central location, tourists can also easily get to Brasilia by bus. From São Paulo, it will take 15 hours to get to the city. If you are from Rio de Janeiro, it will take 18 hours; and 10 and 3 hours from Belo Horizonte and Goiania, respectively. The travel time may be long, but you can enjoy the sights and views you’ll pass through on your trip.


Those who are driving from the states in the central-west and south will have to take the entrance called Saída Sul, while those who will be driving from the other states will enter through Saída Norte. When you’ve got into the Federal District, just follow the traffic signs going to Brasilia.

So whether you are somewhere near or somewhere far from Brasilia, there will always be a way to get to Brazil’s capital.