Study in Brasilia

With a strategic location inside Brazil, students can expect several educational institutions to study in Brasilia. Below are just some of them:

University of Brasilia

Known as Universidade de Brasília in Portuguese, the University of Brasilia or simply, UnB, is among Brazil’s most prestigious and largest public universities. Funded by the federal government of the country, the university was never gone on the top 5 list of Guia do Estudante or Student Guide’s best Brazilian schools. It has more than 20,000 students who are enrolled in its 61 programs for undergraduate, 49 master’s degree programs, and 27 doctorate degree programs.

Catholic University of Brasília

Administered by the Brazilian Association for Education and Culture, the Catholic University of Brasilia was founded by the Estigmatinos, Lassalistas, Maristas, and Salesianos in 1972. It has two campuses and three affiliate centers.

Other universities in the city include the Centro Universitário de Brasília, Instituto Científico de Ensino Superior e Pesquisa, Centro Universitário Euroamericano, and the Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal (UniDF).

But aside from giving quality education to the people in Brasilia, the city also has international schools providing education using foreign languages. Among these schools are the American School of Brasilia, the Brasilia International School, School of the Nation, Maple Bear Canadian School, and the Lycée Français François Mitterrand.