Tourist information about Ouro Preto

Ouro Prêto, which translated in English means “Black Gold”, offers its tourists a lot of things to behold. When visiting the city, the information listed below may help you experience its beauty to the fullest.

A part of Minas Gerais state, Ouro Prêto has an altitude of 1.116 meters; Pico de Itacolomi is its highest point with 1.722 meters altitude. Lying in the Mountain of Espinhaco, the city has a temperature that ranges from 6 to 8 degrees. During June and July though, it drops up to 2 degrees. Thus for visitors, it is advised to bring warm clothes even in the summer season.

Ouro Prêto is at its best when it is on its festive mood. The Winter Festival, taking place from July 8 to 29, offers tourists shows, plays, and circus to enjoy. Its Carnival, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the state’s best; samba dancers and students go out on the streets and parade for the carnival.

Aside from its celebrations, the city also boasts of a number of tourist attractions and interesting places, such as museums. When planning to include museums in your itineraries though, it is important to check opening hours prior to the visit as many are closed every Monday. It is also advised to wear comfortable footwear as you stroll around the city. Since many of Ouro Prêto’s stores and museums can be accessed on foot, it is therefore important that you make sure your shoes will not be any burden to exploring the city at all.

As you are getting yourself ready to check out Ouro Prêto, see to it that your dollars have already been exchanged with real (hay-ow), which is the city’s official currency. While at it, you might also want to learn a few Portuguese phrases to communicate with the locals. Phrases, such as Bom dia! (good morning), Por favor (please), Obrigado (thank you), Perdão (thank you), Sim / Não (yes/no), Você fall inglês? (Do you speak English?), and Pode me ajudar? (Can you help me?) can be very useful.

If you need something or in an emergency, these numbers are what you should dial:

  •  Touristy information: 3551-2665 and 3559-3269
  •  Fire brigade: (31) 3559-3308 or 193 for a 24-hour assistance
  •  Police: (31) 3551-3222 or 194 for 24-hour assistance

While doing research about Ouro Prêto will help make you feel at ease of the city, the most important thing to do is to embrace your experience and make the most out of your stay.