Salvador for kids

Salvador da Bahia for kids

Traveling with kids, although fun and exciting, is not easy. Any parent, or anyone for that matter, who’ve travelled with children will surely agree how difficult it is to handle kids when in a new place. Aside from the fact that they require extra attention, kids are very hard to please as well. Fortunately, Salvador has a number of things especially designed for the kids to enjoy.


Among these are the following:


Dique do Tororó Park

Av. Marechal Costa e Silva s/n



One of the city’s best parks, the Dique do Tororó Park features a stretch of water that allows everyone, kids included, to have fun. Here, paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent to add some excitement to your bonding with the kids. Aside from its amenities, the park is also famous for its set of sculptures, standing 20 ft high in the middle of the lake. At night, these sculptures are illuminated that kids will surely be in awe with its magnificence.


Pituaçu Park

Av. Otavio Mangabeira s/n, Pituaçu, across from Pituaçu beach



Covering 2500 ha of Atlantic rainforest, the Pituaçu Park would be a paradise for the kids. Aside from the native species showcased in the park, it also has numerous mangoes, cashews, and palms surrounding it. This recreational park features 18km of cycle trails as well as a wide area allotted for children’s playground.


Aeroclube Plaza

Avenue Otavio Mangabeira

+55 71 3462 8000


The Aeroclube Plaza is a huge outdoor mall perfect for adventurous (and bored) kids. It has a wide range of facilities that kids can enjoy; they can do climbing, bowling, and go-kart racing among others. Younger kids can also try the Formula Jr. The place additionally has video games and restaurants to further entertain little children.


Museo Afro-Brasileiro

Terreiro de Jesus, Centro Histórico (Pelourinho), Salvador da Bahia


One of the very few museums of its type in the country, the Museu Afro-Brasileiro is perfect for the kids learn about other’s culture and heritage with some fun. Dedicated to the African cultural heritage, the museum will take kids to Salvador’s past and will give them some understanding of the African’s influence on the contemporary Brazilian culture.


Salvador has a lot in store for kids so you wouldn’t have to worry about entertaining them. Aside from that, you also get to enjoy the sights and places for the kids while spending quality time with them.