People from João Pessoa

As of 2009, the city of João Pessoa has a total population of 702,000. Of this, 35.72% are Whites, while 34.72% make up the Pardo Browns or those who are multiracial; 2.77% are Blacks, and 0.25% of it are Asians or Amerindians.

The people in the city are known for being helpful, friendly, and pleasant, especially to tourists. Among the city’s famous people were Ariano Suassuna and José Américo de Almeida, who is a famous writer and novelist, respectively.

Ariano Suassuna

Born in the city in 1927, Ariano Suassuna is both a playwright and an author included in the “Movemento Amorial”. The Student Theater at the Federal University of Pernambuco was founded by him. Considered among the country’s greatest playwrights, four of Suassuna’s works have been made into a film. Among his works are “A Pedra do Reino” and “Auto da Compadecida”.

José Américo de Almeida

A Brazilian politician, writer, teacher, and lawyer, José Américo de Almeida was born on January 10, 1887. More known in the literary field, Almeida marked the start of the generation of writers from the country’s Northeastern region. Most of his works revolved around life’s socioeconomic interpretation. He also served in President Getúlio Vargas’s first cabinet being the minister of the public works and transportation.