Sports in Florianopolis

Like most of the cities in Brazil, Florianopolis too enjoys sports. The city has, in fact, two professional football teams and is home to several famous sports personalities.

In football, the teams Figueirense Futebol Clube and Avaí Futebol Clube are considered to be the city’s pride. The first, nicknamed as Figueira plays in the second division of Brazil and has already been bagging wins in the Santa Catarina State Championship for a number of times now; while the second, also known as Avai plays in the national first division of Brazil, it currently holds a total of 15 State Championship titles (tied with Figueira).

Some of the city’s famous professional football players are Denison Cabral, Arthur Bernhardt, Douglas Teixeira, Anderson Schweitzer, Fábio Machado, and Guillerme Siqueira.

Aside from football, the sport of rowing is also popular in the city of Florianopolis. Three rowing schools are even headquartered in the city to provide education to interested rowers, these are Martinelli Remo, Aldo Luz Remo, and Riachuelo Remo.

From team sports, Floripa also prides itself to be the place of origin of famous sports personalities such as former World’s number 1 tennis player Gustavo Kuerten and top swimmer Fernando de Queiroz Scherer.