Sports in Aracaju

Compared to other Brazilian cities, there may not be a lot of sports to enjoy and experience in Aracaju. However, if you are fond of water sports, then the city – through its beaches – would not fail you.


The beach of Ilha de Santa Luzia offers an ideal place to surf in Aracaju. With its big waves and solitary atmosphere, surfing enthusiasts will find it perfect to practice the sport either alone or with friends. Ilha de Santa Luzia beach is separated by the river of Sergipe from the city.

Kite Surfing

Known for its great winds, the sandy beach of Coroa do Meio is often frequented by many kite surfing lovers. It is often considered to be the kite surfing haven in Aracaju, especially during the period of July to December – when the winds are at best for the sport. It is also on these months that a number of kite surfing competitions are in the area.


Many, if not most, of the beaches in Aracaju are perfect for sailing. With its great views and crystal blue waters, tourists will definitely appreciate sailing the city’s magnificent beaches. In particular, the beach of Ilha de Goré provides calm waters and a relaxing ambiance for that perfect sailing experience.

Aracaju may not be as vibrant as in other cities when it comes to sports, but with some creativity and imagination, one can surely find a way to get athletic in the city.