Study in Salvador

Study in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

The main language in Salvador is Portuguese. When you are thinking about studying in the city, learning the language first should be your first concern. Although there are schools that use Spanish and English in their curriculum, most educational institutions in Salvador use Portuguese.


Bahia has a total of 128 universities, most and the best of these are located in Salvador. Among the top universities in the city are the Federal University of Bahia, the Catholic University of Salvador, the Bahia State University, and the Salvador University.


For those who would want to learn Portuguese first before enrolling to one of the city’s universities, Salvador has several Portuguese schools that cater to foreigners who want to learn the language. Among these are Escola de Portugues, Fala-Brasil, Dialogo, Basica Lingua, and Sonia Portuguese among others. These institutions offer various programs that would suit to one’s learning needs, requirements, and budget.


For those with children enrolling to primary and secondary schools, Salvador has many institutions to choose from, the most famous of which is the international school, Pan American School of Bahia. There are locals schools as well that are known to giving quality education.


Salvador is not just a city of beauty; its learning institutions are just proof of how the city also stresses academic importance among its people.