Study in Maceió

A small city it may be, Maceió still offers good options for those who want to study in it.

The following are two of the city’s top educational institutions:

Federal University of Alagoas

Maceió is the home of the Federal University of Alagoas, one of the state’s major universities and among the North Eastern region’s main research centers. Established on January 25, 1961, the university has the motto, Scientia ad Sapientiam (Knowledge to Wisdom). Currently, the public university has over 20 academic units and two campuses both located in the city of Maceió.

State University of Alagoas

The State University of Alagoas was founded in 1970 as a response to the needs of the people in Arapiraca. Since its foundation, the institution has already played an important role in the city’s socio-cultural aspect. It has a total of five campuses which all carry out the school’s teaching, research, and extension units.

Learning Portuguese in Maceió

For foreign students who are planning to enroll in a university in Alagoas, learning Portuguese should be a very big consideration. As teaching is in Portuguese, students who do not know about the language will find it difficult to learn and interact in classes.

Maceió has a number of agencies that offer language programs, particularly Portuguese, many of which has different options or packages that will suit the student’s needs and requirements.


Maceió is not just good with its beaches. The institutions in the city are just proof that the Alagoas capital is not just about the sun and the waters.