Blumenau Institutions

The state of Santa Catarina is one of the places that have the highest standard of living in Brazil. Blumenau, a city part of the state of Santa Catarina, is following in this footstep. It also is one of the cities in Brazil that has the highest standard of living.

Textile Industry

The production industry in the city of Blumenau comprises 36% of its total economy. The main production industry in the city of Blumenau is the textile industry. It is even regarded as the most important aspect of the production industry and the most that contribute to the city’s economy. It is also the biggest taxpayer in the city, comprising 70% of the total contribution.

Evidently, because the textile industry is proving to be very much successful in Blumenau, there are a number of companies that have sprouted in the area.

One of these companies is Cia Hering. This is a Brazilian company that is centered on the production of textile and the selling of ready to wear casual clothing. The company started in 1880 and was put up by German immigrant Hermann Hering and his brother. The company, especially its product, was well received and they grew to not only producing textile locally but also to surrounding cities and states. One interesting fact about the company is that it is one of the companies in Brazil that were the first to produce their very own cotton wool.

Karsten is another company that is part of the textile industry in the city of Blumenau. This has already been around for 125 years. It was founded by Johann Karsten who inherited the land in Blumenau that his father received from the city’s founder Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau. At first the land was used for farming but eventually, Johann Karsten decided to put up a textile industry. Up until now, the company is still known for its quality bed, table and bath textile products.

Beer Craft

Blumenau is also known for its local breweries. The production of beer is now becoming very popular in the city. These local breweries are offered in pubs and restaurants all over the city and even around Brazil. One of the companies that are known for its good brewery is Eisenbahn. The company follows the Reinheitsgebot or German Beer Purity Law which strictly states that only three ingredients are allowed to be used in the production. These are hops, barley, and water. The company is the only brewery that offers products in bottles.