Fortaleza weather

It is almost always sunny in the city of Fortaleza. It is the Brazilian city with the most number of sunny days in a year. This makes it the most ideal place if you plan on spending your entire vacation out on the beach.

Fortaleza follows a tropical climate which means it typically has only two types of weather: the wet and the dry climate. The warmest weather falls during December and January with a temperature ranging from 25 °C to 31 °C. The months from February to May are the city’s rainy season. Usually, in this first half of the year, there is some concentration of rain but during the months of July to January, there is very little rain in the city.

During the dry climate though, the breeze is refreshing. The coastal wind blows from the sea on the way to the land, from the west going to the east. The wind speed is also perfect for wind activities like kite flying and surfing.

Fortaleza’s hot climate coupled with refreshing gushes of coastal winds makes it the perfect weather for a day out. The mix of sun and sea breeze is the perfect ingredients for a day at the beach whether you just want to walk out, do some sunbathing or go out and enjoy a water sport with a friend.